Important Facts for All Miniature Horse Owners



Miniature horses are a breed of horse and they have the same reactions and motivations that larger horses do. While the Miniature horse tends to be an affectionate and easy-to-handle animal, as with all equines, their temperaments and abilities vary by the individual. It is important for any newcomer to consider his/her level of experience and abilities with horses and what he/she plans to do as a Miniature owner before purchase or adoption. For example, we would seek to place a mature, well-trained Mini with someone who is a new to horse handling, has limited physical ability, or is thought to be for a young adult. 


Research is IMPORTANT! If you are seeking to purchase a Mini learn about all aspects of the breed, research and visit reputable breeders, locate and attend Miniature Horse Shows and Events. Information can be obtained from the American Miniature Horse AssociationAMHA  and Miniature Farms' websites.   is also a great resource to continually learn about this wonderful breed. 


The maintenance of a Miniature Horse is about 1/10th the cost of maintaining a larger horse. One acre of land may support up to three miniature horses comfortably. Mini's do tend to thrive in a pasture environment with plenty of sunshine with room to run and play. Because Minis are prone to overeating, it is very important to monitor their nutritional needs and avoid excessive food intake. 


Miniature horses should NEVER be ridden by any but the smallest children! However, they are adept at learning to drive (pull a cart) and there are a variety of driving classes that are important and popular elements in all AMHA-approved shows. 


It is important to note that once someone has held a 17"-21" Miniature foal that person will never be the same. Miniature babies tend to be affectionate, curious and too cute to resist!!!