We can't do this without you...

 Volunteers are our heart and soul of our organization. Angels for Minis could not do it with their dedication and countless hours they donate!

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To Trust Humans

  Some the minis that are surrendered to us have only known abuse and neglect at the hand of their owners. It is such a gift from the volunteer to teach the horse how to trust humans by showing them love and affection.  



  Many minis come to us with out any training or handling.  Volunteers are instrumental in working with the minis, teaching them boundaries and how to be handled in order for them to be adopted.  


Veterinary & Farrier Assistance

 On many occasions, volunteers come to us with veterinary skills which are very helpful in assisting our veterinarian. Veterinary care is essential to the care and well being of  horses we take in. 

  Many horses arrive with feet/hoof issues. Volunteers are helpful is assisting our farrier in handling horses during the trimming process. Volunteers are critical in getting minis comfortable in having their feet and legs handled.